5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dean!

  1. Nothing about Dean Jagger, (OK, one bit of silliness – any relation to Mick?), I just wanted to say I’m an ex-Ohioan. That doesn’t sound right. i was born and grew up in Ohio, even went to OSU, before moving to the east coast.


    • Haha! Nope. That would be…interesting.

      Where are you from? I am from Columbus, actually. Just moved back after 10 years in Cinci (ugh—oops! Hope you are not from there.) I am soooo happy to be back in my dynamic, fast-growing, artsy home city.

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      • I really liked Columbus when I was at OSU, but that was in the early-mid 1980s… I grew up in Vermilion, which is on Lake Erie, about 20 miles East of Cedar Point. Yes, I grew up on roller coasters….


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