Happy Birthday, Doris Day!

Ohio’s own Doris Day is 96 years young today!*

Portrait of Doris Day (Aquarium, NYC) circa 1946, by William Gottlieb.

*And a happy birthday to my lovely aunts Lauree and Linda, who share a birthday with Doris.

Happy Belated Birthday, Ms. Lupino!

As a teenager, I was obsessed with the Ida Lupino films, The Light That Failed (1939) and Moontide (1942). The former had the bonus of Ronald Colman, the latter of Jean Gabin. Ida was magnificent in both.

Ida Lupino in The Light That Failed (1939)

Ida Lupino in The Light That Failed (1939)

Ida Lupino enriched cinema with some of the most nuanced performances of the 1940s, only to outdo herself as a pioneering director and writer. She deserves that rarest of titles: One of a Kind.